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(Above) AtlanticThai through its Dating and Media websites runs a number of successful affiliate programmes and media partnerships. Please feel free to contact us if your have a website or have a proposal to make.

We welcome potential partners in all areas of internet development.


Much of our progress thus far is due to the help and co-operation of partners both in Thailand and worldwide who have contributed so much. If you are another website developer, owner or feel that you have some thing to contribute to our mission, please do let us know. We would love to hear from you.

We are particulalry interested in hearing from:

  • Internet radio service providers including techinical support, audio services and production firms.
  • Internet design and application developers.
  • Language translators worldwide.
  • News suppliers, contractors and organisations.

AtlanticThai will not have market research or readership data for these sites until January 2010 but interim figures from Google analytics will be made available. In conjunction with this, we are offering blanket test advertising rates to advertisers who augment the appeal of these sites to our target market. There will only be one worldwide edition of these sites from one server based in the USA.

It is planned to expand the scope of these sites once a base readership is established. We project a readership initially of 7,500 per day with 25,000 daily page views. The average number of page views will be low as the initial product will be thinly resourced offering a quick summary of world news. Development will include reader posts, blogs and specialist feature writers on politics and world economics.

It will also depend on the demand from our core users on Capitol.fm and social networking sites. CapitolNewslines.com will be promoted at the the top of the hour every hour on Capitol.fm.

WorldonSunday.com will be a website only live or open on Sunday catering for all time zones while on other weekdays it will redirect readers to WorldNewsines.com




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