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(Above) Nearly 20,000 listeners a day with nearly 20 miilion listeneing hours, Capitol.fm is an opportunity for international and local advertisers targeting our affluent working market. Our listenership is independently verified by US copany Spacial Audio.

First two Irishmen on a mission, now a Worldwide company making connections


Capitol.fm is the Worldwide sound of Bangkok on the world wide web for ArtlanticThai social network users. We have now introduced a direct play interface so listeners can click and listen without any special software. Our audience is independently verified through US company spacial audio.

Broadcasting since October 2006, Bangkok's original Capitol.fm Hitz now has nearly 20,000 listeners everyday from every continent in the world. Capitol.fm is particularly popular with office workers in Europe and the United States of America where our blend of contemporary hits and the music of the 70's, 80's and oldies drives the busy workday.

Capitol.fm has also teamed up with social networking sites particularly aimed at those interested in social networking in Thailand or the Philippines.

Everyday our programmers record IP addresses from every country in the world tuning into to our original sound.

Our offices are located on the outskirts of Bangkok near IMPACT in Muang Thong Thani which is Bangkok's most popular venue for live music concerts.

Bangkok is home to one of the world's most amazing nightlife scenes combining fashionable bars, restaurants and hotels .

Capitol.FM Hitz Bangkok has been developed for social network users on around the world broadcasting on height quality 128 kb per second and also a 32 kb AAC service.




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