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(Above) AtlanticThai is developing a news driven social networking sites which will be linked to our dating sites in Asia and Worldwide.

Coming soon - an intelligent news voice and forum for foreigners who love Thailand.


ThaiExaminer.com is a news website and discussion forum that AtlanticThai will launch in late 2017. We have been testing this website in 2016 and found very strong levels of readership. The new Thai Examiner will have a forum and Premium membership facilities. Premium members will have access to more in depth content and greater variety of quality news stories while also enjoying better communication facilities and publishing options

WorldNewslines.com is a news website being developed by AtlanticThai aimed at a male 30-65 year old working market in western countries. It will be joined by a Sunday news website called WorldonSunday.com.

The content will be world news focusing on economics and politics with a distinctly conservative bias on economic issues with a more liberal view on social/lifestyle. There will be no sports in our first edition of these products. They will be part of our dating and entertainment package aimed at expats around the world.

AtlanticThai is also developing news and social networking services to be aimed at our dating markets in Thailand, Asia and worldwide.

It is planned to expand the scope of these sites once a base readership is established. We project a readership initially of 11,500 per day with120,000 daily page views. The average number of page views will be low as the initial product will be thinly resourced offering a quick summary of world news. Development will include reader posts, blogs and specialist feature writers on politics and world economics.

It will also depend on the demand from our core users on Capitol.fm and social networking sites. WorldNewslines.com will be promoted at the top of the hour every hour on Capitol.fm.

WorldonSunday.com will be a website only live or open on Sunday catering for all time zones while on other weekdays it will redirect readers to WorldNewslines.com




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