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(Above) AtlanticThai uses servers based in the USA, Europe and Asia to support our worldwide applications and services. One of our key objectives is the security of our applications and achieve of the highest technical standards. Our income is generated on a royalty charged for the use of key services

The power driving some of the fastest growing and safest database websites


AtlanticThai is developing dating and social networking technology to generate an expansion into foreign markets beginning in 2009. The success of our products in media, social networking and news means we will reach 100,000 customers this year. This is a very encouraging statistic.

In 2009, AtlanticThai will help develop other database driven websites. Our products and services combine data base driven technologies and with media formulas such as our social network applications, internet radio service and a database driven news website. AtlanticThai markets it's computer applications and services through websites worldwide.

The company now operates servers in the USA, Europe and Asia. Our programming staff develop database applications and services which are tested, developed and provided through the servers to client websites. Our business is increasingly focused on higher security and technical standards while also providing easy to use and rewarding user experiences.

We are currently developing improved user interfaces for our worldwide internet radio station Capitol.fm which is now marketed through 40 social network, new and information websites in Asia and throughout the world. Everyday our programmers record IP addresses from every country in the world tuning into to our original sound. Our applications combine this sort of resource with database driven news, phone and communications technologies.

Our offices are located on the outskirts of Bangkok near IMPACT in Muang Thong Thani which is Bangkok's most popular venue for live music concerts.

Bangkok is home to one of the world's most amazing nightlife scenes combining fashionable bars, restaurants and hotels .

Capitol.FM Hitz Bangkok has been developed for social network users on around the world broadcasting on height quality 128 kb per second and also a 32 kb AAC service.




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