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(Above) Our support staff based in Bangkok, Thailand are happy to assist you in getting our applications working and making sure you are fully satisfied with our products and services.


Committed to making AtlanticThai products and services rewarding experience for you


Our customer service policy is to do everything possible to make AtlanticThai.com's products work positively for you.

  • We will respond to your service queries at all times within 24hrs.
  • Any problem that has been caused by our team or facilities will be identified and extra time added to your Membership period.
  • We will investigate all customer complaints thoroughly and offer an explanation for the workings of any aspects of the service.

Refund Policy:

  • Our charges are fees for unlimited access to our growing database and facilities. Our strict policy is that these fees cannot be refunded where a customer has a change of heart or the site has proved successful in a more timely manner.
  • In certain circumstances, a refund will be offered where we have identified failure on the part of customer support team. In this instance any refund is at the discretion of management and subject to deductions for usage, processing fees etc.
  • In certain circumstances management may offer an extended service period in lieu of a refund.


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