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(Above) Our support staff based in Bangkok, Thailand are happy to assist you in getting our applications working and making sure you are fully satisfied with our products and services.


Making the world a little better and a lot easier for you to make the right connections online

Personal Userpane Chat, Audio and Video on a secure personal network
Our new database services harness the power of leading technologies. You have a login and password to your own personal interface where you can add your own regular contacts. Up to 50 contacts can sign in on your account and communicate on the AtlanticThai secure network. With this faclity you commubicate through audio, video and chat. All chat conversations can be saved and archived. The system also includes a Skype organiser. Price: $39.99
3 Months
High quality 192kb access to our popular 24 hr music radio station
New media player for Capitol.fm - Listen Live! With 20,000 listeners everyday our 24hr 'Hitz Bangkok' radio format appeals to working 25-54 year olds all over the world. Now with hourly news provided by CBS News in the USA, this service is growing in popularity. For only $19.99, you can listen on superb 192kb quality and reserve you own listening slot for 12 Months. This fee also allows you access to weekly giveaway promotions and competitions. Once your payment is made, we will open this service to your IP address.
12 Months
Fully secure personal e-mail centre with zero spam & security system
Our new database services harness the power of leading technologies.

With this service, we provide you with your own e-mail address at atlanticthai.com. You can login to our service and access a spam free and completely secure e-mail box to use sending personal and confidential e-mail. You can archive all your e-mail and the service comes with 1Gb of storage. The service comes with an SMS and e-mail alert system to let you know when e-mail is received in your inbox. Price $69.99

12 Months
Create customised messages on your database for staff, customers and users
Our new database services harness the power of leading technologies. For website owners and businss network, this system allows you to set up customised pop-up laerts throughout your bsuiness network or database with built in functions. This facility improves communication on your website or office network allowing you to tailor the types of messages and functions that appear to suit the needs of your business or application. The package comes with a back office control panel and documentation to allow you to integrate it into your own system. Price $39.99
Software Package
Database and mailing list cleaner to comply with new anti-spam practices
Our new database services harness the power of leading technologies. This package is aimed at website owners and business networks who send regular marketing e-mails. Microsoft have recently launched an initiative which requires web marketeers to control the level of inactive e-mail addresses on marketing lists and to comply with industry best practice to avoid the occurence or even the perception of spam. This facility allows website owners and business network managers the ability to harvest inactive e-mail ids and cleans them from their systems. Price $39.99
Email Clean System
Email marketing manager to work with php database applications & websites
Our new database services harness the power of leading technologies. This is an e-mail marketing pacakge allowing website owners or network managers to extract or filter e-mail ids by classifications to create customised mailing lists. It then allows the users to create automatic, attractive and informative marketing e-mails based on the user's business with minimal assistance from designers or graphics staff. The system then schedules and transmits e-mails from the database to allow for optimum server performance and speed. Price $119.99
Marketing System



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